2019 BC (Before Coronavirus)


I’ve been thinking about the times when Saad used to insist on going to the mall because that’s his idea of an outing and I used to make faces because I’m more of an outdoorsy kind of a girl who enjoys being out in nature but I would still go for his sake pretty much every weekend. Park or the beach are my go-to places any day but lately I’ve been missing our trips to the mall or anywhere to be honest. It was so easy to just pick up the car keys and head out whereas now going for even bare necessities is a feat on its own.

The thing that helps me stay patient though is the fact that so many people are suffering because of the Coronavirus pandemic either due to sickness or unemployment. May Allah swt grant us all hidayah to take all the necessary precautions to prevent further damage, grant all those who are suffering ease and take us out from this crises safe and sound, Ameen.

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