Ramadan Kareem


Ramadan Kareem! Saad and I have been contemplating on reading the translation of the Qur’an during Ramadan and I just read Saba Mohsin’s status about it too, it’s a very timely reminder and I agree with it wholeheartedly. This is something my father in law also emphasizes on. I used to read the translation of the Qur’an a long time back and it was high time that I started reading it again so from the first day of Ramadan, we’ve been listening to the translation of the Holy Qur’an. We’ve missed a day but taking baby steps towards building a habit.

Even if it’s one ayat, one page or one line each day, reading the Qur’an with translation is absolutely imperative and like food for the soul. Everytime I read it, it feels like my heart and mind are illuminated. It’s a feeling difficult to describe in words and can only be experienced.

May Allah swt grant us the guidance to be on the straight path, accept our ibadah, heal everyone who’s battling with illness, protect us all, grant Jannat-ul-Firdaus to our loved ones who have passed away, take us out from this crisis soon and help us to come out of it as better human beings, Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen.

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