Rock of My Life

Going through the grief of losing a parent is not easy. It feels like a part of your heart is missing. There’s a void and emptiness that no one can fill.There is, however, one thing that helps you cope the most after faith in Allah’s decree and the hereafter and that is the love and support of those around you.


My biggest support during my mother’s illness and passing was undoubtedly my husband. Saad was the first person who got to know about my mother’s illness. He was there when I got to know about it when in a flash my whole world changed. He supported me to spend maximum time with my mother and make beautiful memories with her. He was there when my mother was breathing her last and my world was falling apart, even when in that moment we were all crumbling under the pressure.

And he was there laying my mother to rest like her own son with my brother. For this and everything else that he does, I’ll forever be grateful. I know my mother’s special prayers are with me in the form of my husband. Alhamdulillah for the rocks in our lives who stand by us and keep us sane during our most difficult times. Masha’Allah Allahumma barik lahum.

Who do you consider to be your rock and biggest support?

Photo credit: Canva

I’m focusing more on ibadah, spending time with my family and just taking time off from things. This includes not taking any new photos these days so platforms like @canva really help. Writing, on the otherhand, has always been my way of dealing with my emotions and hopefully I’ll continue writing and blogging.

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