Akbari Nihari – Review

I was invited to a food tasting at the launch of this new restaurant at Port Grand called Akbari Nihari.
food tasting, nihari, desi food
Being a fan of Desi food and Nihari, in particular, I was really curious to know what this restaurant has to offer to the Karachi food scene, especially since there are not a lot of options in terms of Nihari when it comes to fine dining.

Nihari, Restaurant, Food Tasting, Review
The Mughal theme of the invitation card reflects in the restaurant itself.
Nihari, Pakistani Food, Food Tasting
As soon as you step inside Akbari Nihari, you’re greeted with servers dressed in traditional Mughlai attire who hand out roses and wet towels as soon as you’re seated. We were also served with these really unique kehwa shots that Saad particularly enjoyed.
The ambience of Akbari Nihari fits the name and reflects royalty in terms of decor but is cosy at the same time. 
Nihari, Restaurant, Pakistani Resturant
Apart from different variations of Nihari: Darbari, Shahi and Lajawab, the menu has a variety of other traditional dishes to choose from such Haleem and Qorma and traditional desserts such as gulab jaman and kulfi.
Nihari Menu, Desi Food, Food Tasting
We placed an order for Darbari Nihari which is plain beef Nihari. The Nihari was served piping hot along with the condiments (ginger, lemons, green chillies and coriander) within 15 minutes with naans fresh out of the tandoor.

Nihari, Flatlay, Food Shot

Akbari Nihari is a perfect place for a special dinner with family and friends or to give a dawat to a special guest or somebody who’s visiting from abroad to try the flavoursome, exotic taste of Nihari in a royal setting.
Nihari, Naan, Pakistani Food
I would highly recommend this restaurant based on the freshness, quality and taste of the food they serve, the courteous staff and the wonderful ambience.

Overall, I’d give Akbari Nihari 4.5 out of 5. I really enjoyed the whole experience of dining at Akbari Nihari and the ambience made it really special since mostly Nihari in Karachi is served in a very casual setting.

What do you think about this restaurant? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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