Howdy Burger & Steak Joint Review

Howdy is one of our favourite burger places in town hands down! Not only do they serve delicious burgers consistently but they have the most courteous staff. We have been to their Lucky One Branch so many times and they’ve been spot on every time and that says a lot!

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Just to put it out there, this is NOT a sponsored post.

One of the best things about burgers at Howdy are their buns. They’re so fresh, very different and the best I’ve tried so far. That combined with the delicious patties, fresh ingredients and scrumptious sauces makes their burgers awesome!

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Saad is an avid beef burger fan and he only considers beef burgers as ‘real burgers’ ūü§∑.¬†He recommends “Tickle Pickle” and “Son of a Bun” (lol! Yup…that’s what it’s called. It was difficult not to crack up the first time the server said it sheepishly when we asked for his recommendation¬†ūüôą). Tickle Pickle is a Jalapeno Beef Burger¬†with the perfect blend of sauces and veggies to go with it.

I’ve only recently started having beef burgers and although I do agree that they are better taste-wise, I still find them really heavy and prefer going for chicken so if you’re like that too, I’d recommend their burger called “Wrangler” which is a grilled chicken burger.

Howdy Burger, Restaurant Review, Food Review

Also, it’s very important to mention their fries, both regular and curly fries. They are absolutely perfect! Crisp, golden and perfectly seasoned, just how they’re supposed to be!


As you can see by the photos, their whole brand is based on old Hollywood Cowboy theme which is quite apparent by the name as well and the interior decor also mimics that which is fun.

Howdy Burger & Steak Joint Review_Lilac Prose 5

However, I prefer dining in their outdoor space when the weather calls for it.

Overall, I’ll give Howdy 4.5 out of 5 in terms of the ambience, food quality, quantity and price.

Which is your favourite burger place? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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