Ramadan Goals!

First things first…Ramadan Mubarak! I know I’m super late in posting this…I mean 15 rozas have already past…(Wait…WHAT?! How did that even happen?!) Anyway…How’s Ramadan going for you? ^_^

Ramadan Mubarak
I love Ramadan! It’s like a much needed spiritual, physical, mental & emotional detox from all the negative things that accumulate over the year. 🌙

How do you prepare for Ramadan? No…I’m not talking about preparing samosas, rasgullas, tamatars or whatever there is that’s prepared (Although, I do want to know that too because…well…I’m a foodie so do pour in your #RamadanMeal prep ideas below!)

I’m mostly focusing on the real essence of this blessed month: mending our ways, letting go of bad habits & adopting good ones; clarifying our hearts & minds from all bad vibes; amping up our fitness levels; rekindling our relationships with our loved ones over sehris & iftaris (and eventually Eid) & most importantly working on our relationship with the Almighty.

I like to make a list of goals for different areas of my life, such as…


1) Get back in the routine of waking up super early as the Prophet ﷺ prayed, “Oh Allah, give barakah to my Ummah in their early-morning work.” [Ibn Majah, Sunan]. 🌅

2) Saad and I’ve been drinking a lot of soda and we’ve decided to break that habit because it’s horrible for health! We’ll focus on a healthier diet too.


3) Work on keeping negative thoughts out and focus on #PositiveVibesOnly. Learn to forgive + forget & let go of any negativity that has been instilled by anyone in the past year & what better time to do this than Ramadan when the source of all negativities aka Shaytan is chained?

4) Digital detox aka avoid using screens & limit the use of social media. This is going to be a toughie…😬


5) Improve my Salah, pray all 5, on time & also with khushu إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَٰه!

6) Learn more ayat by heart with translations; think about them on a deeper level & implement them in my life.

These are my goals for #Ramadan2019 & forever In’sha’Allah! I’ll work on these with all my heart In’sha’Allah & even if I’m unable to achieve them all, I’m seeking reward from Allah swt because that’s how Al-Rahman Al-Rahim is…He rewards us even for trying! Do you look forward to Ramadan just as much as I do & what are your goals for the holy month?

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