When the going gets tough, the tough get going Part 2/2

Grandparents, tough times, nostalgia_LilacProse

This is baby me with my Nana. This is one of my favourite photographs because I have no memories of spending time with him and before seeing this, I was under the impression that I’ve never met him. This is the only photograph I’ve brought home with me after shaadi. If you’re lucky to have your grandparents around you then do consider spending quality time with them. They are from a different time and hearing their perspective on things brings a refreshing change to our own.

Ammi always tells me how Nana used to say during hard times that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The going is indeed tough right now for my entire family…probably the toughest I’ve ever faced in my life but we’re all staying strong and will come out of this situation stronger In’sha’Allah. If you are someone who’s going through a tough time, do remember that times change, things don’t always remain the same and that you’re not alone. Look back at your past and think of a tough situation that you not only came out of but came out of it stronger. That’s how I keep myself going.

Parents, tough times, nostalgia_LilacProse

There’s something so comforting about old photos, it’s like a fleeting moment of joy captured for eternity. The second photo with Ammi is another favourite. Being the only daughter, I’ve always been very close to my mother, she has taught me so much…from teaching me how to ride a bicycle to finding strength in the face of adversity. She’s always been my best friend, has always been there for me no matter what and I’m so grateful to have her in my life. I’ll consider myself blessed if I can even be half of who she is. 

Since April is Ammi’s birth month, I’ll say a little prayer for her…may Allah (swt) grant her Shifa-e-Kamil and bless her always with a long healthy life full of happiness and prosperity. I love you to the moon and back, Ammi.

رَّبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِي صَغِيرًا 
Rabbir hamhuma kama Rabbayani Sagheera My Lord, have mercy upon them
as they brought me up [when I was] small. – Surah bani Isra’il; 17:24

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