10 Fun Facts About Me!

I was nominated by this lovely blogger @thenextdoordesi on Instagram for this fun tag! Some of these I’ve already mentioned in a similar post for a Liebster award, you can check out that post by clicking here! So without further ado, let’s jump right into it:

10 Fun Facts About Me! 2 (3).jpg

📸 This photo was taken by my brother and it was taken for a project for IAL Saatchi & Saatchi which is a very famous Pakistani advertising agency when I was interning there way back in 2012, they had assigned us with a similar project to introduce ourselves as interns and design it visually. I was inspired by this album cover by Mindy Gledhill…

10 Fun Facts About Me!_Lilac Prose 2

and Mary Poppins of course.

About me, Fun Facts

As you can see, lilac was my favourite colour even then! It was great fun and when I look back it seems like I was already creating content without actually knowing it and I never thought I’d be doing it fulltime after so many years!

🏡 I was home-schooled for the longest time as a kid, and as an adult, I’m glad I was because that helped me become my own person without the influence of other people.

🎓 I decided I want to go to Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture for my undergrad when I was 13 and I worked really hard to get there. Apart from my hard work, I could not have done it without my family’s support so I’m forever grateful to them for all that they’ve done!

🎮 I love playing video games and I have loved them growing up and during my teen years also and that’s part of the reason why I wanted to become a communication designer. However, during college, I realized that I can use my skills for a lot of other things that are more satisfying than just designing games. I still have phases when I play a lot and then there are times when I don’t play at all. I’m married to a gamer too coincidentally!

🛫 I prefer staying at home or travelling, there’s no in between!

🍫 I absolutely love dark chocolate and chocolates in general. However, I refuse to acknowledge white chocolate as chocolate, I mean it shouldn’t even be called chocolate! I will start a dharna against this!

🎂 My birthday is 2 days after my husband’s birthday!

❄️ I love winter clothing, hot chocolate and winter vibes generally! I’m glad the weather is finally changing! I wouldn’t want winters for more than 3 months though!

👸🏻 I have 3 older brothers so growing up I was a total tomboy…not so much anymore though!

🐢 I’m an introvert and probably come across as rude but once I come out of my shell and you get to know me I’m really not! I promise! ^_^

That’s about it! I hope you enjoyed this post!
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