Intro time!

I recently reached a milestone of 1K InstaFamily and I thought I should post my introduction (that I recently posted on Instagram) on my blog as well since a lot of you have recently started following my blog and I’m so thankful to all of you! ^_^

Introduction, About me

So here goes…

1K InstaFamily calls for a throwback to my first ever post on Instagram as Lilac Prose! If you’ve been following me since the beginning then a big 💜 for you! I can’t express in words, in spite of being a blogger, how much your support means to me! If you’ve recently started following me then another big 💜 for you and a hello! I’ll take this opportunity to introduce myself again.

My name is Madhiya and I’m from Karachi, Pakistan! I’m a geek who went to an art school and graduated as a communication designer, in other words, a graphic design and advertising major and a photography minor! *geek alert* 🤓

After working at a digital media agency, I fell in love with the idea of sharing stories and connecting with all of you. I started blogging with my husband’s support and encouragement because I’ve always enjoyed writing, ever since O level days and it brings me pure joy to write about:

A) things that matter; B) things that could help me and you guys, such as posts on self-improvement, self-love, positivity, reviews, tips, tricks and hacks and C) things that I enjoy aka lifestyle, travel and food. Thus, came into existence which is my space to slow down, smell the roses (or shall I say lilacs?) and write prose on life, lifestyle and everything in between. ✨

I hope you’ve enjoyed your journey with me so far and will continue being a part of it! PM me to just say ‘hi’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever platform you prefer or if you would like to collaborate or have any queries, comments or suggestions regarding my blog, please feel free to get in touch with me by commenting on my blog or by sending me an email on! 💌 I’d love to hear from you! ^_^

Until next time…✨

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