Meat The Cheese Review!

We went out for an Eid lunch with friends to Meat the Cheese. I’ve been wanting to try this fairly new restaurant and finally had the perfect opportunity to try it! We were going to Ala Rasi first but it only opens for dinner so there’s a little fun fact for you if you’re planning to try Ala Rasi (If you do try it out or have tried it already, do let me know what you think!).

Meat-The-Cheese-Review_Lilac-Prose restaurant

I loved the décor and vibe of Meat the Cheese as soon as I set my eyes on it. The exterior and interior décor is very rustic a modern touch. 

Interior decor

In terms of the ambience, it’s very cosy and inviting. 


Being a designer, I notice details and everything is really thought out, the menu, overall design and I must give props to the person who the copy for Meat The Cheese.

Meat The Cheese Menu

Since we were four people, we ordered four individual dishes: Two ‘Sing me a Medley’, ‘The Bee-eff-eff burger’ and ‘Aunt Margarita Pizza’.


I ordered the ‘Aunt Margarita Pizza’ which is a flatbread pizza without any meat. Consists of buffalo mozzarella, a secret sauce, basil and cherry tomatoes. 

Pizza food, beverage

I thought the pizza was pretty good until Saad asked me to try his dish and man…I was blown away! 

Saad ordered ‘Sing me a Medley’ which is pan-seared chicken stuffed with mushrooms and black olives served with a cheesy jalapeno sauce. It also included two sidelines of seasoned steamed vegetables and roasted potatoes in white sauce.


The chicken was so tender and juicy and the flavours just came together really nicely. Even the sidelines were amazing! Even our friend who also ordered ‘Sing me a Medley’ loved it! The Bee-eff-eff burger was so good, it took our friend to heaven, his words not mine! 

We also ordered drinks including Peach Iced Tea, Pina Colada and Mint Margarita which were all really fresh and refreshing too.

I would not recommend trying the Aunt Margarita Pizza because A) the serving size is not that great and B) they have way better options to choose from. The other two dishes, ‘Sing me a Medley’ and ‘The Bee-eff-eff burger’ are highly recommended!

All in all, I’ll give Meat The Cheese 4.5 out of 5 in terms of the ambience, food quality, quantity and price.

Do you like to try different dishes or do you prefer staying in your comfort zone and only go for tried and tested dishes? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

10 thoughts on “Meat The Cheese Review!

  1. The photographs of the interior look very modern and I love the feel of the nature in the restaurants. I love chicken which is tender. It’s a shame the pizza wasn’t great. A great review – thank you for sharing your experience.
    Ramshaa Rose


  2. I agree with you on the copy! That is something special!!! The restaurant is completely adorbs. And all of the dishes look great! I am not fond of buffalo sauce, I could get behind some cheesy jalepenos! Another wonderful post that makes me hungry!


  3. Ah… Now I am craving chicken and burger….

    I like to stay in my comfort zone but my husband likes to try new places so we are moderate. Some times we try new things and some times we stick to tried and tasted.

    By the way, which city n country is this place located in?


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