Eid Outfit 2018

First things first…Eid Mubarak! 💜 

Amidst all the crazy Eid preps: cleaning, organizing, ironing, shopping, finishing last minute stuff, I decided to wear this light and breezy kurta sent by LSM – Lakhany Silk Mills.

Eid Outfit, Fashion, Modest Fashion

Am I the only one who finds Eid-ul-Adha a bit more hectic than Eid-ul-Fitr because of the qurbani itself? Requires quite a bit of running around, so for the day time I think it makes sense to wear something comfortable and this kurta is just that so thank you @fabric_lsm for sending this my way!

LSM has come up with a wonderful collection of kurtas that are perfect for summer. You can check out the collection on their website or in stores! 

Here’s my Eid Look!

Eid Outfit, Modest Fashion, Fashion, OOTD

If you’ve been part of my InstaFam and have been following my blog for a while then you would know that I like to be behind the camera for the most part but since I really liked this kurta, I decided to share how I’ve styled it.

I wanted to go for the casual chic look this Eid and so decided to pair this ocean blue kurta with a plain white trouser and my favourite scarf that I got from Turkey. It’s got this Arabic calligraphy printed on it and it really was love at first sight for the typography enthusiast in me (going off topic 🙈).

Anyhoo…just to give a bit more of the festive feel, I added some bling with bangles and a watch that’s a little more formal. ✨

How’s Eid been for you? Do let me know in the comments below! Also let me know how you like to dress up on Eid or other special holidays? ^_^

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11 thoughts on “Eid Outfit 2018

  1. I love that kurta and the colour! It’s beautiful! I don’t have a set Eid outfit rule in terms of how heavy or light it needs to be- I just fo with whatever I’m feeling that time of the year, hehe! Love how yoi styled the kurta!


  2. Super cute! I love the colour and the scarf matches perfectly. Personally I spent Eid in my pajamas lol. I love your idea of something light and breezy, especially in this heat!
    Eid Mubarak!


  3. Eid was good alhamduallah , I normally like to wear bright colours for Eid no matter the weather but i was a bit casual this eid as well .I love the arabic calligraphy print on your headscarf 🙂


  4. Love the scarf!! Beautiful outfit. Our pretty outfits get ditched very quickly after the Eid gaah to be substituted by casual clothes that can get soiled without us freaking out:). If we are invited out later in the day, then we switch back.


  5. I love your kurta mashaallah looks great on you and blue is nice color. I can see and agree with you that it’s perfect for summer because of its fabric. I was just looking at your hijab too. It does match with your full outfit and love the design.


  6. Yea Eid ul Adha is bit busy here itself same with qurbani,we are on the same boat I guess. Your dress looks very comfy


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