[Review] Golden Chick

I’ve decided that Fridays should be all about the food so from now on I’m going to post a food-related post every Friday (In’sha’Allah!! Fingers crossed) and call it Foodie Fridays because why not? Alright, so let’s jump right into the first Foodie Friday post!

The weather was stunning. Full baarish aka rain type scene and so…like true Karachites, we decided to go on a long drive to Seaview and ended up having lunch at Golden Chick.

Golden-Chick-Review_Lilac-Prose-1.This was the first time we tried Golden Chick’s Seaview branch and for me, it was the first time trying their food too. Other people in the family have tried Golden Chick at the food court at Dolmen Mall, Seaview.


The branch is located right in front of the beach due to which the people inside can enjoy their meals with a gorgeous view. They also allow people to come indirectly from the beach and have food inside. There’s outdoor space too where the food can be served but because of the sand and wind, we decided to stay indoors.


As the name suggests, Golden Chick’s speciality is fried and roasted chicken which they serve with sidelines and buns/rolls. They have some really good family deals and we decided to opt for one of those. We were four people so we decided to go for their 8 pieces mixed chicken deal where we could have either fried, roasted chicken or both. We wanted to try both so that’s what we opted for. The deal also included 4 buns or rolls and two servings of family sidelines along with 1.5 litres of soda. We ordered mashed potatoes and fries as sidelines.


The food was served piping hot. The chicken and fries were really good. However, the rolls were sweet for some strange reason and it just seemed weird having them with a savoury dish. My taste buds ended up being super confused! No jokes!


Also, we were served with mac and cheese instead of mashed potatoes, so we returned it and regretted it immediately. See…I like my mashed potatoes soft and creamy and these were nothing like that. As you can see in the photo, they were super dry. I didn’t even taste it but the people who did made such a bad face that I kind of got an idea of how bad it was. We inquired about it at the counter and were told that they’d run out of sauce and served the mash without it. I mean…why would you serve a dish without a key ingredient?


Anyhoo…the main dishes were good so it wasn’t a complete letdown but yes, Golden Chick needs to improve on their sidelines and rolls because the rolls would’ve really complimented the chicken had they been savoury. Saad liked the roasted version better and I liked the fried one.

The quality of the food was really good in terms of the packaging, serving size, the freshness of food and hygiene (minus the sidelines). In terms of the pricing, we tried their family deal which was really good and economical. The total damage was Rs.1699 for 8 pcs of chicken plus 2 sidelines and 1.5 litres of soda.Β All in all, I’d rate Golden Chick 3 out of 5 and if I try it again, it’ll only be for their chicken and fries.

Have you tried Golden Chick yet or intend to try it any time soon? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

10 thoughts on “[Review] Golden Chick

  1. Its the first time I’ve heard about Golden Chicken, I guess we don’t have it in the UK. We have Licken Chicken and the food is so delicious, except for their mash potato lol.

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  2. I am in Islamabad and we don’t have a Golden Chicken here but it seems like it’s similar to KFC or Popeyes. The price seems very reasonable considering a lot places with a nice view tend to be expensive simply because of the view.
    Personally I love gravy on my mashed potatoes. I haven’t seen gravy here in Pakistan but in Canada, the gravy is so good on the chicken, fries, potatoes, even the bun! Good thing it’s almost dinner, now I’m hungry!


  3. Oh boy, you made me miss our long car drives during similar weathers when I was in Pakistan…..Ah….long time back…old memories.

    Thanx for the review, will keep it in mind if I ever get to visit karachi πŸ™‚


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