Fruitio Fun!

Thank you, Shangrila and Mullen Lowe Rauf for this lovely PR package!

On a side note, I’ve been trying different features on Instagram and I’m kinda sorta obsessed with the boomerang feature! Am the only one? ^_^


This package comes with 6 different flavours of Fruitio: Apple, Mango, Pomegranate, Guava, Peach and Orange Mango along with 6 glasses that have the name of the flavours printed on them! 🍹🍋🍎🍑🍊🍹




I’ve tried Fruitio Pomegranate in the past and absolutely love it and I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavours and review them for you guys! 🍹

What’s your favourite fruit juice flavour? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

8 thoughts on “Fruitio Fun!

  1. Love the fact it’s all natural, the bright packaging is lovely too!
    Boomerang is cool but sometimes a bit overused, some people would use it in every photo of this story it gets a bit too much haha!


  2. Haha, I love using boomerang too- so fun! These look and sound so refreshing, yummy! I would love to try the mango and guava ones, as those are my favorite flavors


  3. Although I don’t drink too much juice, I love using pomegranate juice or other juices for cooking. However, I do need to admit a weakness for mango juice!!!


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