It’s a Sweet Eid Indeed!

So basically Eid ul Fitr is also called Meethi Eid here in Pakistan which literally means ‘sweet Eid’. (Is it called something else in other countries too? Let me know in the comments below!) 🍨

My Eid was Meethi indeed, Alhamdulillah! As mentioned in my previous post, Eid went according to plan and I mostly spent my time with family and gobbled up pretty much everything I laid my eyes on. Everything edible that is, duh!

Saad and I also tried Swensen’s (Finally!) to see what all the hype was about!


More deets on Eid plus Swensen’s review coming up soon on my blog! Are you following me yet?

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In the meantime, here’s some eye candy for you to feast on! ^_^

It’s a Sweet Eid Indeed! 2.jpg

How did you spend your Eid? Let me know in the comments below! ✨🌙✨

12 thoughts on “It’s a Sweet Eid Indeed!

  1. We had a three day long celebration this year! Prayers, gifts, and sweets on the first day; city wide party on the second day; and on the third my mom came to stay with us from far, on this day we had a party at our mosque, where some lovely ladies were decorating our hands with henna for free! Eventful and exhausting! Alhamdullah! Happy belated Eid!

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  2. I enjoyed Eid with family in the park. There was a tent for Eid prayers followed by a festival for the kids. Plan on going to the same park again for the upcoming Eid but we have decided to meet up with friends for a picnic breakfast and inviting some reverts to join us after the salah if the weather is good.

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    1. It’s a sundae! We usually have ice creams and faloodas here in Karachi, this is the first time a place specializing in sundaes has opened up here.

      Masha’Allah! Congratulations! ^_^


  3. Eid Mubarak sister, the sweets look so good!
    We had a storm over in Scotland on Eid, the weather was very bad, we just opted for a small indoor Eid celebration nothing too fancy, took lots of pictures so my children will look at when older inshallah x


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