Your Hands Matter

Capri Pakistan and Mullen Lowe Rauf sent me this beautiful package for review as part of their ‘Your Hands Matter’ campaign.

Capri Hand Wash

Being a communication designer, I really appreciate good packaging and this is gorgeous so naturally, it has taken over my instagram feed! ✨

I’ve been experimenting with my content lately and exploring videography as well. Having said that, I’ve shot an unboxing video for this package. What do you guys think?

Capri has come up with four variants of hand washes that smell divine! My favourite Capri hand wash is the pink one! Not only does it have strawberry extracts but also milk, aloe vera and rose petal extracts and leaves my hands smelling like strawberries! 🍓

Capri Hand Wash

I definitely enjoyed using Capri hand washes compared to other hand washes that I have used in the past since they usually have a very overpowering chemically scent.

Do you prefer hand washes or hand soaps? Have you tried hand washes by Capri yet; which one’s your favourite? Do let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Your Hands Matter

  1. Obsessed with the packaging, it’s so cute. I honestly prefer liquid soaps over bar soaps, so much more cleaner to use, it’s more hygienic in my opinion and some brands offer bulk soaps so you can just refill the smaller bottles with works for me and the environment. (


  2. Liquid soaps are more hygienic and will last longer I guess. However I prefer the mildly perfumed ones hate the hand washes with strong scents and they usually tend to leave the skin dry . These look really pretty👍


  3. Packaging is absolutely everything I believe It’s all in the detail! I am a liquid soap over a bar of soap kind of girl though!


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