Young Leaders Conference

I was invited to the press release of Young Leaders Conference (YLC) hosted by School of Leadership at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. The event revolved around the idea of investing in youth and fostering their potential for a better future of Pakistan and highlighting the agenda for the 17th Young Leaders Conference that will take place in Lahore from July 1-6, 2018.

About Young Leaders Conference (YLC)

An idea; A wish; A dream of Pakistan’s youth realizing their untapped potential, to help them emerge as the leaders they truly are; this was the vision with which Young Leaders Conference came into existence. What started as a modest conference, back in 2002, has now transformed itself into a belief system. With over three hundred participants, coming from all over the country, Young Leaders Conference offers a refreshing and engaging experience.



#ItsTime – 17th Young Leaders Conference

For the past sixteen years, every single Young Leaders Conference has been spearheaded with a theme, unique and inspiring as each and every participant attending the conference. This year’s theme is ‘It’s time’. Now more than ever is the time for the youth to realise their capacity. It’s time to leave behind the apprehension and realise what the youth is really made of. It’s time to dream bigger than ever before. It’s time to spark the flame and ignite the fighter hidden inside. It’s time to be a part of history. 

The Promise of Young Leaders Conference

It is YLC’s promise to all its participants that they will leave YLC completely different from the person they entered as. Born again with a new perception of life, they will be able to take on any challenge the world has to offer them. Determined, confident, and inspired, they will be able to bring a change around them that they thought was never possible before, whether that be in their community or just in themselves. At YLC, participants will learn how to be more:

• Confident
• Disciplined
• Empowered
• Responsible
• Passionate

My Takeaway from the Event

The event started with the recitation of the Qur’an and the National Anthem of Pakistan raising the spirits of everyone present at the venue. The speakers in the panel included Javed Jabbar, a prominent Pakistani writer, advertising executive and former information minister; Hammad Saeed, CEO of School of Leadership; Maalik Khaskhely Executive Director, School of Leadership; Zofeen Ahsan, CEO of Xenith PR & Events, Sponsors and Alumni of Young Leaders Conference.

One story shared by a YLC alumnus who belongs to interior Sindh really stood out for me. Having no clue about what a suit is before being part YLC he came in wearing one and shared his story confidently and eloquently. His only dream was to serve a ‘Wadera‘ (landlord) as a personal assistant and perhaps be able to get a few of his relatives employed as well. With no direction or ambition in life, he participated in YLC at a whim and left with a greater sense of self and a greater resolute of doing something on his own. Deciding to stand up on his own two feet without any favours from anyone.

Such is the power of this conference. Young minds with no clear sense of direction take part in Young Leaders Conference and return with a different mindset. It inspires them to be better professionals, leaders and most importantly better human beings. I left this press release so motivated and uplifted that a part of me wanted to register myself for this conference but, alas, there’s a certain criterion that needs to met which includes age; you must be 18-24 to participate in this event. I can only imagine how brilliant the actual conference will be!

This year’s conference will cover aspects that I feel very strongly about:

1. Civil and political engagement;
2. Sustainable development and research;
3. Interfaith dialogue;
4. Business management and innovation;
5. Art and culture;
6. Philanthropy and social action;
7. Celebrating being young.

Young Leaders Conference Lilac Prose 1.jpg
Pakistan is a developing country, a country facing many issues but also a country made up of 63% of the young population. Being a Pakistani I strongly believe in the power and potential of our youth, as a citizen I feel that change doesn’t come just by criticising the government, the system and society but that change, for the most part, comes from within. I strongly urge you, your sibling, your cousin or anyone who fits the eligibility criteria to participate in this conference. To go and be a part of something extraordinary because it’s time!

It’s time to take charge. It’s time to consider facts and better our opinions. It’s time to listen to the other. It’s time to dream big.

The 17th Young Leaders Conference will take place in Lahore from July 1 – 6, 2018. For more information and registration click here.

10 thoughts on “Young Leaders Conference

  1. Mashallah what a great conference and I love the theme of It’s Time! How fitting! Conference’s like this one are so important as they really have the potential to motivate and inspire young adults to go further in life!

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  2. This seems like it was a lovely conference! I think it was a good idea especially in educating the youth. Nowadays we live a fast social media life, young people expect a lot for not much effort and this sort of conference can help educate them on the real world and how to make a difference. (

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  3. Masha Allah! The young generation needs such conferences and meet ups for geowing up better and smarter. Loved the theme for this year’s conference and the topics to be covered are so so impprtant to be aware of!

    Liked by 1 person

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