Dubai Food Faves Part 1!

There are about 1873628294 cafes, restaurants, food places to try in Dubai but the following are the ones that are highly recommended and the ones I’ve tried personally. I’ve found these on various food and travel groups and I’ve compiled them here so if you or someone you know is travelling to Dubai then you should definitely give these a shot!


This is a no-brainer, if you’re in Dubai, you MUST try shawarma, at least once. That delicious rotisserie chicken wrapped in delicious pita bread with pickles, sauces and french fries. YUM! I’ve already shared our hotel horror story in my travel trauma post but I forgot to mention that breakfast at our hotel was quite sad so Saad and I would often have brunch at this food place right in front of our hotel in Deira called Wejdan Shawarma and they had THE BEST fresh juices and shawarmas. I tried kiwi juice for the first time ever in my life (Kiwis aren’t normally available here in Karachi) and it was SO GOOD! I highly, highly recommend it.

Back to reviewing the shawarma, it was absolutely delicious. The chicken was tender and juicy. The sauces inside were to die for and the shawarma itself was super filling. I’m a graphic designer so I must also mention the packaging of the shawarma, as you can see from the photo, it can tear open from the middle so you can easily enjoy it without getting your hands dirty which I think is super neat and I really appreciate the thought process behind it (Geek alert!).

Dubai Food Faves Part Lilac Prose 1.jpg

lol! Ze husband volunteered to take a photo while I just sat there stuffing myself up! Sorry the photo isn’t all that glamorous because A) that’s how this place was (don’t expect anything fancy shmancy) and B) we were in a race against time to see both Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden that day but you get the idea about the shawarma place and how it’s packaged. ^_^

Bait Al Mandi

I’m a huge fan of Arabic cuisine! I got to try it for the first time when I visited my brother in Bahrain when he was living there and I absolutely loved it! It’s not spicy like Pakistani cuisine but it’s so flavourful. So I had to try some of their local cuisines in Dubai and Mandi of course.

If you’re not aware of what Mandi is, it’s basically a very famous Middle Eastern dish of Yemeni origin that consists of rice, meat and spices and is oh-so-delicious! Bait Al Mandi or House of Mandi was highly recommended by a lot of people on various travel groups along with another Mandi place called Maraheb. However, I will just review Bait Al Mandi because that’s what Saad and I got to try due to our short stay in Dubai.

Saad does not like lamb at all but the authentic mandi is the lamb mandi (although they serve chicken mandi as well) so as per their recommendation we ordered Laham or Lamb Mandi. After placing the order, we were served this very simple yet nutritious soup which was very soothing and nourishing.

Dubai Food Faves Part Lilac Prose 2.jpg




We were also served salad and this very special condiment or chutney in desi terms made out of tomatoes which is so good and perfectly compliments Mandi. The Mandi was served on a huge silver platter or thaali (again in desi terms). The serving size was huge and two people with huge hunger pangs can easily enjoy one serving. The Mandi itself was perfectly cooked and absolutely scrumptious! I would completely recommend Bait al Mandi to anyone who’s into trying different cuisines. 

Dubai Food Faves Part Lilac Prose 3


For dessert, I made Saad try something known as Kunafa at Bait al Mandi 


Kunafa is basically a dessert made of cheese pastry on which sugar syrup is poured. The dessert originates from Palestine but is very popular throughout the Middle East. Like the way a lot Mandi places have opened up in Karachi, some places have opened up here as well that sell only Kunafa which I think is pretty cool although I haven’t tried any as yet.  I had tried Kunafa before so I knew what I was doing by coaxing Saad into trying it. lol! Kunafa 

Dubai Food Faves Part Lilac Prose 4...png

Fresh Juices

I’ve already mentioned my love for fresh juices while mentioning shawarmas but this one needs to be shown some extra love. I absolutely love how fresh juices are available so commonly in Dubai. So if you’re into juices, I would really recommend you to try some. There was one in Dubai Miracle Garden as well.


That’s all I have to share for the first part of Dubai Food Faves! Yes, there are more food places that we really enjoyed so stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you enjoy trying out different cuisines or like to stay in your comfort zone when it comes to food? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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