Dubai Butterfly Garden

Out of all the places we’ve seen in Dubai, Butterfly Garden is my favourite! Yes…I found it more fascinating than Global Village, Miracle Garden or any other place I’ve mentioned before in Discover Dubai part 1 and part 2 combined! Sigh…this….place, you guys, I think I’ve left my heart there.


Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly garden are literally at a walking distance from each other so I would suggest you to see both on the same day, however, there is a separate ticket for both gardens so please bear that in mind. Also, unlike the Miracle Garden, which opens only for a few months, the Butterfly Garden remains open throughout the year.

As mentioned in my Dubai Miracle Garden post, we visited Butterfly Garden on the last day of our trip so we were in a bit of a hurry and were literally scrambling to see everything. If you plan on visiting this magical garden, then I would suggest you plan it in a way that you have at least a few hours to relax and enjoy these two places.

We went in the afternoon so the light was a bit harsh for photos and videos so that’s another point to keep in mind if you’re a blogger/vlogger or just somebody who enjoys photography.

So now that we have our basics covered…let’s get started!

As soon as you enter, you see a quaint and cosy cafe, where you can enjoy a meal or perhaps a cup of coffee. 


You’re drawn in by greenery and nature and this beautiful serene ambience.


Dubai Butterfly Garden is a place where you can learn about butterflies, their different breeds, what they eat AND you can interact with them! A perfect place to visit for the entire family.




This butterfly seems to be enjoying a fruity snack! They have a great taste in fruits and eat watermelons, oranges and pineapples!

This butterfly might seem a bit frightening but it actually reveals gorgeous shades of blue upon fluttering its wings as shown in the next photo.


Subhan’Allah! The blue butterfly and the one underneath is the same breed but you can see how it looks when it opens its wings. I’m still in awe!


One butterfly landed on my head while I was busy taking photos and I actually felt it; I got the tingles! Saad told me to freeze so that he could take photos and then it landed on my back so I stayed bent for the entire duration! It was so funny, creepy, exciting, beautiful all at the same time! It was just so SO gorgeous.


If there’s one place you MUST see in Dubai make sure it’s the Butterfly Garden especially if you’re into nature and greenery. It’s magical and I’ve kinda sorta promised myself to go back and spend an entire day there.


That’s all I have to share from Dubai Butterfly Garden. I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever touched a butterfly or would touch one someday or the mere thought of it gives you the creeps? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^


14 thoughts on “Dubai Butterfly Garden

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, you’re absolutely right. This is the reason why they don’t allow people to touch butterflies themselves but what can one do if a lovely butterfly ends up sitting on people’s head like the way one sat on my head? ^_^


  1. I’ve been to Butterfly garden once and it was 50dhs for the entrance free per person back then. Is it still the same? It’s an indoor park so it can be opened all throughout the year unlike the Miracle garden. That time we visited Miracle garden was closed also already since it’s summer.


  2. WOW! Why did I not know about this when we went to DUBAI -3 times as well lol. My girls love butterflies! Thank you for sharing – it’ll be on our list of things to do when we plan to go again!


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