Women’s Day!

This thing has been on my mind for a while now and it’s about time I let it out. Something happened recently that prompted me to write this post and share it with you and what better day to post it than Women’s Day?

Saad and I attended a wedding and introduced me to one of his colleagues there who used to be a working woman but now is a stay at home mom. When the topic of our respective professions came up, this lady laughed pointed towards her kids and very casually said that she doesn’t do anything (suggesting that since she has kids to take care of, she’s not currently doing a job).

I was taken aback by this incident and I realized how often women underestimate themselves. Perhaps it’s because other people make them feel this way? Perhaps our mindset has become as such that until and unless someone does a 9-5 job, he or she is considered farigh (as we like to say it in Urdu) or good for nothing. 

Being a mother is a 24/7 job and perhaps the most thankless job out there. If you’re a woman reading this who had a career and gave up on it to take care of your children, please know this that your job now is just as important as it was before. You’ve carried a child for, give or take 9 months, birthed a child and you’re raising future adults that will shape society and contribute to it. How you raise your children will directly have an impact on how they will turn out to be as adults. Let that sink in.


Women’s rights and empowerment do not necessarily mean only having the choice to work, it essentially means to have a choice to do what you want to do. Whether you choose to be a homemaker, a stay-at-home mum or a working woman, don’t ever let anyone belittle you or your choices. The right to choose is also a human right! Most importantly, never ever underestimate yourself; please know your worth & keep your chin up always! Make this known to all the women in your life! Happy Women’s Day!


9 thoughts on “Women’s Day!

  1. I have been thinking about this as well. So many times we tell ourselves I can’t do this because I have kids now when we should be saying I should do this because I have kids. Our children are watching us like hawks, taking ques from us on how we deal with the cards thrown at us. We can love motherhood and still ‘do something for ourselves’ the two can and should go hand in hand.


  2. Absolutely agree with you, women are always judged for their choices regardless of whether they are working or stay at home mums. As a working mom I have received enough criticism on how I am neglecting my kids and running behind my career. It’s not only family members and friends that judge but also other moms do this quite often. We should stop being so judgmental about others and should also be unapologetic about our choices


  3. I am one of those women who worked and now doesn’t…and I will be honest…I feel so lost sometimes. Yes I know I am looking after my children but I feel so restless at times and want to get back and work.


  4. Working women or home maker, we all have our share of responsibilities and happiness. After all, it is our life, our choice. Happy Women’s Day!


  5. I feel like I could have written this. I sometimes feel a little apologetic when I say that I’m a stay at home mum when actually I should be proud because I sacrificed something I loved to raise my kids the way I want to! There should be t-shirts with my face on them! Lol


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