Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the highlights of our trip to Dubai. I mentioned it briefly in the second part of my Discover Dubai post and I’ll get into more details in this post.

According to their website, the Dubai Miracle Garden consists of approximately 100 Million blooming flowers:

With 55,000 visitors per week, the Garden contains around 70 flower varieties at both Phases 1 & 2 and includes flower designs and structures and flower features at the garden. 

We went to Dubai Miracle Garden on the last day of our trip so we were in a bit of a rush. If you plan on visiting this wonderful garden, then I would recommend keeping a few hours to see and truly enjoy the views and smell the roses…or lilacs? ^_^ 


Also, we went in the afternoon so the light was a bit harsh for photography/videography or in other worlds blogging/vlogging, so if this is a concern for you and you have the option, then please do plan and visit Dubai Miracle Garden at a time when the sunlight isn’t as harsh.

So without further ado…grab some green tea, coffee or any other beverage of your choice and take a stroll with me in Dubai Miracle Garden.



The tickets are available at the entrance (which might take a while to get during peak tourist season). The facility of e-tickets is also available but I haven’t tried it myself yet so I cant really give a feedback on that. The ticket cost in January 2017 was 45 AED for Adults and 35 AED for children. People of determination and kids below the age of 3 can enter without any charges.

As soon as you enter you see an inviting pathway surrounded by flowers of pretty much every colour under the sun…





And fascinating structures made out of flowers…





Does anyone remember The Bug Life? ^_^



There are lots of options to choose from for refreshments.


Um…fresh juice and a shawarma in this setting? Yes, please!


Say hello to a very flowery hijabi! ^_^


Hello Sunshine!


Here is a photo of the record breaking largest flower arrangement/structure in the form of an airbus.



This is all from Dubai Miracle Garden! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Have you ever visited this garden or would like to visit it someday? Do let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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