Discover Dubai Part II

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you are having an amazing week so far. Here’s a sequel of my guide to Dubai; do check out the first part of Discover Dubai if you haven’t already. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Discover Dubai Part 2 on Lilac Prose Wild Wadi Water ParkSource

If you’re travelling with kids then Wild Wadi Water Park should be way up there on your list of places to see in Dubai. We didn’t go to Wild Wadi this time because Saad’s not really into water parks/rides and I’ve already been to Yas Water World in Abu Dhabi with my family once. I’ll review Yas Water World when I feature Abu Dhabi but in a nutshell, we had an awesome time there and my nephew and nieces absolutely loved it! I’m pretty sure Wild Wadi Water Park will be just as amazing as Yas Water World if not more.

Discover Dubai Part 2 on Lilac Prose Wild Wadi Water Park 2

So if you’re into water rides and/or travelling with kids then do take out a day to visit Wild Wadi Water Park and make the most of it by enjoying the water rides, food and drinks and perhaps some shopping at Souq Al Wadi. Bear in mind, it will pretty much take up an entire day of your trip to see Wild Wadi Water Park and enjoy all the rides. By the time you will be done, you’ll be so tired that you’ll neither have the time nor the energy to do anything else so please plan accordingly.

Global Village

Global Village is one of the main highlights of our trip, hands down! According to ze husband, the 15 DHS spent for the ticket at Global Village were best the 15 DHS he’s ever spent! 

Here is a little description from Global Village’s website:

Global Village is Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction with a unique shopping experience at 30 pavilions each representing a different country. Global Village also offers a variety of dining options from different cuisines, along with thrill rides and children rides at the Carnival Funfair.

30 pavilions for 30 countries! It’s surely a dream come true for any avid traveller! This place is for you if you’re into exploring different cultures, traditions, art and cuisines. Global Village is a magnificent melting pot and a must see for anyone visiting Dubai to catch a glimpse of the world. I’ll dedicate a special post to Global Village to share all my best moments from our time at the Global Village. In the mean time, here is a glimpse of Global Village for you:


Dubai Miracle Garden

Following the trend of record breaking skyscraper, mall, theme park and the likes is the Miracle Garden, with its record of forming the largest flower arrangement/structure in the form of an airbus. 

Discover Dubai Part 2 on Lilac Prose Miracle Garden

According to their website, the Dubai Miracle Garden consists of approximately 100 Million blooming flower:

With 55,000 visitors per week the Garden contains around 70 flower varieties at both Phases 1 & 2 and includes flower designs and structures and flower features at the garden. 

We saw the Miracle Garden on the last day so we were in a bit of  rush. Honestly, I would have loved to spend a few hours there at least to just sit and relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the garden. I would definitely recommend taking out the time to see Miracle Garden and all the breathtaking sculptures made out of flowers inside! I will dedicate a separate post to Miracle Garden because it definitely deserves it but here’s a photo of the record breaking airbus mentioned earlier:

Discover Dubai Part 2 on Lilac Prose Miracle Garden Emirates Airbus

Speaking of photos, visiting the garden in the evening is better because that allows you to have better photographs as the light is really harsh in the afternoon but if you’re not into photography or have time constraints then do try and visit the Miracle Garden at the time that is convenient for you. 

To plan your trip, please bear in mind that The Dubai Miracle Garden is open from October to April and remains closed from June to September because of high temperatures which are not conducive for flowers and plants. 

Dubai Butterfly garden

In the same vicinity as the Miracle Garden, literally at walking distance, is the Butterfly Garden. I highly, highly recommend you to visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden if you’re into nature and in awe of these beautiful creatures known as Butterflies. I absolutely love butterflies, they are so beautiful and delicate and for this reason, the Butterfly Garden was the highlight of the Dubai trip for me. This unique garden allows you to learn more about the different species of butterflies, their life cycle, how they evolve from crawling caterpillars to flying butterflies and so much more. The Butterfly Garden calls for another dedicated post since I loved it so much. Here’s a sneak peak:

Again I would’ve loved to spend more time here so if you’re into gardens and natural beauty then I would recommend you to dedicate a few hours to both Dubai Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden.

Some Travel Tips & Details:

  • As mentioned in my Travel Trauma post, we were in Dubai from 26th December till 2nd January, hence the weather was perfect for all the outdoor activities I’ve mentioned in the first part of Discover Dubai and this post (apart from Wild Wadi Water Park). The weather wasn’t too hot or too cold so just a light jacket/sweater was needed during evenings and night time. However, I felt the night at the Miracle Garden was particularly chilly because it’s located away from the city and in an open area.
  • We mostly travelled by taxis in Dubai which are a bit expensive, however, they are easily available and most of them accept payment through cards (please do ask before taking a cab though just to be sure).
  • We have also used the metro a few times, however, it requires a lot more time as you have to walk a lot in order to get to the metro station and then again to your destination from it. Therefore, please plan accordingly and keep this in mind if you’re on a tight schedule.
  • The options of Uber and Careem are also there, however you will need a local sim.


That’s all for part II of Discover Dubai! As I’ve already mentioned, there’s still much more to come from Dubai on my blog! I’ll be posting about Global Village, Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden with a lot more details plus a post on famous food places to try in Dubai! Please do follow me for future updates! Have you been to any of these places or wish to visit them someday? Do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! Happy Travels! ^_^


16 thoughts on “Discover Dubai Part II

  1. OH GOODNESS!!! my dream destination has always been burj khalifa in dubai, I am adding this places to my bucket list too, I almost cant believe this place is in this same world I am in! and the flowers OMG, they make speechless.

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  2. MashaAllah Dubai has got so much to offer… that themed parks….Hope you had tons of fun…thank you for sharing your experiences with us all….

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