Discover Dubai

Hello Everaybodyyy!

I hope all of you are having an awesome week so far! I’m so excited to share my blogging plan for the next few days with all of you!! If you’ve been following my blog then you’d know about my recent trip to Dubai. I’m going to feature must see places, things to do, food places to try, reviews and so much more! I limit my travel related posts to my Travelogue Thursday series but I have SO MUCH to share with all of you and since this is peak season to travel to Dubai, I thought it’s best to share it all now! So now for a couple of days it’s going to be Travel Tuesdays, Wanderlust Wednesdays, FREAKY FRIDAYS, you get the point! Hehehe!

Discover-Dubai (1).jpg

If you are planning to visit Dubai any time soon then do follow me or share this post with someone who’s there right now! ^_^

Guess the City‘ featuring Dubai was so much fun! check it out if you haven’t already! I can’t wait to start this series! I’m going nuts as usual on all my social media platforms! Here and here!! Bye for now!

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