Breathtaking Views of Bosphorus

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After posting the first part of Guide to Istanbul for Travelogue Thursday, I came across a few more shots of the breathtaking views of Bosphorus that I MUST share with all of you. So grab a cup of chai, coffee or any other beverage of your choice really and enjoy the views! Happy cruising! ^_^


Must show some love to the cruise that showed us around!


Here’s a view of Galata Tower from Bosphorus. Galata Tower is yet another must see place in Istanbul, in my honest opinion; I’ll be featuring details of Galata Tower and its wonders in part II of Guide to Istanbul real soon ^_^


A beautiful view of a beautiful mosque visible from the Bosphorus…


Talk about awe-inspiring architecture of Çırağan Palace; it symbolizes the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. It’s known today as Hotel Kempinski, Istanbul.


Here’s a zoomed in shot:


A mandatory shot of the Bosphorus Bridge ^_^


I’m totally digging the orange and blue boat! 😍



This is the Rumeli Hisar Fort, a gigantic Ottoman fortress overlooking the Bosphorus. In 1453, this fortress played a significant role in the Siege and Fall of Constantinople.


There you go, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have, you’ll most likely enjoy my previous posts as well! Click here, here and here to check them out!

Have you seen Bosphorus or would you want to visit it someday? Do let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

16 thoughts on “Breathtaking Views of Bosphorus

    1. It is, indeed! That is a photograph of Çırağan Palace; it symbolizes the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. It’s known today as Hotel Kempinski. Thanks for asking; I’ve updated it in the post as well! ^_^


  1. We did that boat ride and it was incredible! We spent 2 weeks in Istanbul and I feel like it wasn’t enough. I am sure I left my heart there and I long to go back. The culture, history, the people, the food, the atmosphere is amazing!

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