Crafter? Artist? Designer? You’d love this! 😍

Hello! Hello Everaaybodyyyy!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far! Only 3 days left until the weekend…YAY! *Does bhangra mixed with moonwalk*.

Okay…so…since that’s out of my system…ahem…I came across this crazy Crafters’ Cupboard that I’m kind of obsessed with! I’m assuming it would be equally appealing to designers and artists here as well because I am one too which is why I’m sharing this! *Nods frantically* If you’re a designer then…Hi!! Pleased to meet you!

Here! Enjoy everyone! ^_^

Sigh…it’s so beautiful 😍. Although, if I ever got one, I’d still be super messy and all over the place 🙈 because you know…what’s a designer/artist/crafter without the mess?✌

Please don’t judge me for being super duper hyper right now and for the super duper unprofessional emojis! I’ll blame it on the chai because I’ve been caffeine free for a while now and had it today after a long time and apparently it’s doing its magic! Anyhoo…

Are you a messy designer/artist/crafter or an organized one? Let me know in the comments below! Cheers! ^_^



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