Wanderful Quotes…

Hello Everyone!

Today’s Travelogue Thursday post is all about wanderful quotes that really inspire the wanderer in me. The kind of sayings that tickle my travel bug and out of the hundred million other quotes circulating out there on the world wide web, these really strike a chord with me. These are all an amalgamation of beautiful words and stunning typography which are two of my favourite things in the world and I hope you enjoy them too!

So grab a cup of chai, coffee, kahwa or any beverage of your choice and enjoy! ^_^

This is a classic quote. Not only is it made up of the two things I love the most: travel + typography but is also so tinspiring…I mean inspiring (Just wanted to make all three of those words to start with the letter T for consistency 🙈). You know what…I might just frame it and place it in the living room.

Wanderful Quotes 1Source

This would make such a wonderful statement necklace, don’t you think?

Wanderful Quotes 2Source

I read somewhere once that we’re all a little bit of everyone we have met. I think that’s true for travelling as well, every bit of travel enriches us and I feel that this quote resonates with that thought.

Wanderful Quotes 3Source

Ah…Peter Pan…it is, indeed! 

Wanderful Quotes 4Source

A piece of advice full of wisdom for all of us who love to wander.

Wanderful Quotes 5.jpgSource

This is precisely what goes on in my head when I try to capture the highlights of a trip.

Wanderful Quotes 6Source

This would make such a lovely gift for someone who loves to travel.
I’d totally gift this to myself to be honest…teehee! ^_^

Wanderful Quotes 7Source

Which one do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below! I love the one by Lao Tzu, so inspiring! ^_^


14 thoughts on “Wanderful Quotes…

  1. Honestly, this collection of travel quotes really triggered my wanderlust. And reminds me of why I love to travel. the new experiences are life-changing.


  2. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius. I try to use that to stay in the present during my travels and just let things unfold. These were all wonderful and inspiring quotes. I also love ‘Live by a compass..” because I feel like that is also a nice reminder to wander far without the sense of time.


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