Wanderful DIYs – Travelogue Thursday

Hello Everyone!

Here are a few of my favourite travel related DIY ideas as part of my Travelogue Thursday series. 

Travel Shadow Box

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 1Source

I absolutely love this DIY idea! I always bring along some keepsakes with me every time I go on a vacation. Museum tickets, photos, mementos, just somethings to help me remember the time spent on the trip (I can’t be the only one who does this, right? Let me know in the comments below!). I actually wanted to save Cola Turka’s soda can as a keepsake from Turkey because I loved the packaging so much (it reminded me of Pakola’s packaging too a bit) but sadly I forgot it in our hotel room in Cappadocia (I kept it a little too safe  out of fear that it might end up in the trash can). Aw well…here’s a tutorial to display these keepsakes instead of letting them be in a drawer collecting dust ^_^.

Travelogue Photo Wall

I came across this awesome do-it-yourself idea and I can’t wait to do-it-myself! ^_^

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 2.jpgSource

It’s so simple, all you need are some photos, photo frames, deciding the place and placement of the frames on the wall and voila! You’re done! It just doesn’t have to be photographs, they can be illustrations also…

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 4.jpg

or just typography on different textures, prints, etc…

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 3.jpg

You could even frame different currencies…

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 5.jpg

The possibilities are endless!

Map Magnets

I’m a sucker for fridge magnets and if you merge maps + magnets = 😍

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 6

Aren’t these map magnets absolutely lovely? Also the fact that they’re super easy to make is a bonus! Here’s a tutorial.

Travel Fund Jar

If you’re a desi, you might be familiar with gullak (or piggy bank) we had as kids to collect money. The catch was that you couldn’t take money out of it unless you break it.

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 7

Oh…the joys of decorating it, putting in coins, some lose change, little by little and finding it full one day and then breaking it to find hard earned money for that new toy or bunch of favourite candies. Fast forward to being an adult and the same idea can work again to save some but this time as a Travel Fund Jar for the next trip.

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 8Source

Or maybe save more by using a larger jar instead:

Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 9Source


Wanderful DIYs - Travelogue Thursday 10

I love this DIY World Map board to highlight all the places I would love to visit or display places I’ve already seen! So pretty! Here’s a tutorial.

There you go, guys! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Go ahead, be creative and do share your creations with me, I’d love to check them out! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading! ^_^




4 thoughts on “Wanderful DIYs – Travelogue Thursday

  1. These are all straight up amazing! Totally not artsy, but I have been making my own fire starters from my fireplace made from coffee grounds and wax and they make me feel all DIY and my house smells like a cafe!

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