Overwatch Overdose!

Disclaimer: I don’t think you’d enjoy this blog post too much if you’re not into gaming. Please proceed at your own risk.

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you had an awesome weekend!

I wonder how many gamers are part of the blogosphere…hit like and drop a comment if you are one so that I know! For me it all started with Mario bros! Ah…Nintendo, the feels are real for you right now! lol!

Growing up I was fascinated by the graphics of games like Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Counter Strike. My brother used to play Tomb Raider The Last Revelation. That one was my favourite and that came out in 1999! (Woah…I suddenly feel old).

lol! Those graphics…haha! They seemed pretty awesome back in the day but it’s 2017…so yeah! =P

Oh and Resident Evil was fun too!

*Nervous laugh* like I said…fun?! That’s so scaryyy! I don’t think I’ve seen the trailer before! Hahaha! Please don’t judge me, I was like 10 years old growing up with three much older brothers so this was my idea of fun =P. I wasn’t always the present day somewhat-but-not-so-much-of-a girly girl trying out different beauty products ^_^. I used to watch my brother play these games in awe and guide my brother too every now and then about what to do next and where to go…haha…fun times!

However, Counter Strike was the one game I got hooked unto myself as a teenager. Those crazy hours filled with the non stop battle between terrorists and counter terrorists, especially during Ramadan before iftari when I was young, not so patient and hangry…super hangry! Lawlz!

I was always in the counter terrorist team, defusing the bomb amidst the battle was a serious source of adrenaline rush (you probably get what I’m talking about if you’re a gamer).

In all honesty, I decided to become a communication designer majoring in graphic design to design games. There was this senior from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, where I went for my undergrad, who came to one of our preparatory art classes before we joined art school to give us a talk on Game Design. He was so passionate about it, the graphics, effects, everything! He literally sold the idea to me (which showed he’s not just a graphic design major but has a consolidated major in Advertising as well =P). Although, looking back at these games, I gotta admit they’re quite violent (the present, more mature version of myself thinks so at least).

Saad’s a gamer and I, once upon a time, was one too as I’ve mentioned already. He’s been a fan of Overwatch for a while now and I’ve recently started playing it myself and I absolutely love it! We play it pretty much everyday. It reminds me so much of Counter Strike only better, graphic wise and plot wise as well (less violent too). It’s fantastical but realistic also if that makes any sense! Check it out for yourself:

They have special games for special seasons and their Halloween Special is currently playing right now:

I love the sound effects and the voice over artists have done such a brilliant job! I just came across this video on YouTube and my reactions (and the disclaimer) were pretty much the same as this guy!

So much fun! If you’d like to check out Overwatch, do it ASAP so you can try the Halloween Special as well which is awesome! If you’re a fan already, let me know who’s your favourite hero in the comments below! Mine is Soldier 76!

Try not to get yourselves killed out there! I’ve got you in my sights!”

Have a great day or night (depending on where you are), guys! ^_^

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