Eid Holiday Round Up

Hello Everyone!

To all of my Muslim readers: I hope all of you had an awesome time during Eid! ^_^


I’m a communication designer which basically means that I’m a major in graphic design and advertising and a photography minor. After working for about two years post graduation for a couple of organizations, I’m taking a break and trying to channel my creativity to my personal blog. I have to admit, it’s different when you work for clients and when you work for yourself. Firstly, you are your own boss, your work doesn’t depend on anyone’s approval. It’s your work and you are completely in charge of it and It’s really empowering, so I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Since I’m not doing a full time job as a designer at this point, my hands itch to design stuff or to do something creative when I don’t do it for a while. I’ve always been like that, even when I was a kid but I guess art school intensifies that art itch even more (if that makes any sense =/). So…I had an idea in my mind for the Eid greeting, which was basically to make something animated (even if it’s something simple). I had the idea on the second day of Eid and I decided to execute it on the same day (Yes…it was difficult to take out time for it but you gotta do whatchu gotta do, mayn!) The moment it was up on my blog and Facebook page, I felt so accomplished (might sound silly but I never thought I’d put in so much effort into my personal blog and people will actually read it and appreciate it (thank you so much for that!).

Coming back to Eid holiday…as much as I’m grateful for the four days we got off, they were super duper crazy (in a good way) and I feel like they flew by like this:

This was my first Eid-ul-Adha after I got married. As much as I love spending time with my husband and in laws, I gotta admit, I did miss my family a lot this Eid, especially since my brothers were in Karachi too with their families. Just a heads up to newly weds or those who are about to get married: this is just one of those things that takes some getting used to post marriage especially if you, like me, are family oriented. Every time I feel homesick, I just think about all the people I know who live abroad and barely get to see their families and it makes me feel more grateful for the time I get to spend with my family.

The first day we had a big family breakfast at home. That, for me, is the highlight of Eid because like Ramadan, that is the time when you can actually enjoy at least one meal together. I strongly believe in eating together as a family, I feel like it’s a great way of bonding and just catching up with la familia :). On that note, how lovely is this decor idea? I’m so inspired to do something similar at my place! 



The rest of the first day was spent being busy with Qurbani and meeting and greeting guests at home. Saad and I decided to go out for breakfast on the second day of Eid. We just stepped out without having any idea where to go and then ended up going to Del Frio (I’ll be reviewing our experience real soon!) I got to meet my family at a dinner at my parents’ place on the third day of Eid and we enjoyed yummy food with great company. Alhamdulillah! What else can you ask for in life? Looking back at this blog post, it’s more about gratitude than anything else but none of us can have enough of that now can we? ^_^


Stay grateful, guys and do stay tuned for my Del Frio review! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Eid Holiday Round Up

  1. Nice good post, you are dead right about the Eid part with family. Specially for women!

    I am witness to my wife desires from her face, we live abroad. So that makes 2 of us going through the same ordeal.

    Love the wall picture, so dead true, I have one small daughter, so send her this time back home in Pakistan one week earlier. Seriously, it was the most difficult one week, without my daughter. So without family is really tough, specifically you resides abroad.

    Thanks for stopping by. Will look forward to reading more creative post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad to know that my post is relatable. I knew I can’t be the only who feels this way! 🙂

      It must be really tough! Distance does make the heart grow fonder though and makes us appreciate family even more so that’s a silver lining right there. 🙂

      Thank you for liking my posts and taking out the time to read them!


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