Awesome Mausum!

Did it rain like crazy last night or what? Never have I seen it pour like that with such scary thunder and lightning! If you’re not from Karachi, here’s a little something something to give you an idea:


Scary, right? Just so you know, I haven’t taken that photograph, I found it here. I was actually too busy shuddering out of fright under my blanket, while Saad laughed at me (yeah…we’re really mature =B).

On a side note, the featured photo is my own and I captured this back in 2015 somewhere in Karachi:


This year Karachites are OD’ed on rain, not that I’m complaining, Alhamdulillah! I’m just hoping and praying that too much rain doesn’t cause too much trouble to anyone. On another side note, mausum is weather in Urdu and sounds fun when you say “awesome mausum” together!

Signing off with a dose of positive prose I stumbled upon today:


Stay safe, have a great day and don’t forget to make some pakoras today, guys! ^_^

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