What I look for in beauty products


Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty expert/dermatologist/scholar/unicorn/etc. I’m just a conscious consumer and I try to stick to my values while making a purchase. I am merely sharing my experience with those who might be on the same page as myself and are conscious too about the products they use.

I look for three main factors when it comes to beauty products. Whatever I use should be:

1) free of animal derived ingredients, basically the ones that aren’t allowed for Muslims (consisting of animal fat, etc.) and thus halal. I research a lot to make sure that what I put on my skin is Islamically permissible. I even email brands, when in doubt, regarding a particular product to make sure that it’s good to go…I did mention that I research a lot! However, I use them at my own discretion and so should you. Brands keep changing their formulations so I try my best to stick to vegan/cruelty free brands because they are more committed towards the cause but such brands are also difficult to find in Karachi…hence the research (gosh! It’s a viscous circle). If you’re interested in finding out more about vegan/cruelty free/halal products, let me know in the comments below and I’ll delve into it deeper in a separate post In’sha’Allah.

2) be natural or as close to nature as possible (paraben, sulfate, chemical and junk free basically).

3) be effective (duh!).

That being said, finding products that tick all three boxes is a toughie! However, I’m always on the look out and have compiled a list of my top 5 favourite skin care products that meet my checklist for the most part and consists of products that I have been using for a while (more than 6 months – 2 years).

Follow me to find out my top 5 favourite skin care products! ^_^

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